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While we constantly explore and test new innovations, our etch/epoxy primer/urethane topcoat process has been carefully developed through many years of research and testing and has proven to be the winner for long term coating lifespan. Your finish will last longer giving you MORE VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY!!
Our Process Works On:

Cast Iron



Bathtub refinishing involves the application of coatings that are incredibly durable, and bond to the existing surface. A stabilized & safe etching solution is applied to porcelain or ceramic surfaces similar to the way frosting of glass takes place to maximize the primers ability to permanently bond to the original substrate. In the case of fiberglass, acrylic, or other substrates, the surface is thoroughly treated to maximize the adhesion.


Epoxy Primer

We use a special underwater epoxy adhesive primer that permanently adheres to the substrate using a molecular bonding action. The etch/primer steps are the key to extended service life.


Acrylic Urethane

Used for cosmetic value, our acrylic urethane topcoat provides high gloss, impact & scuff resistance and protection against acids and solvents providing the best choice for long term durability.